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What We Do

Board Design

We design surfboards for strapless kitesurfing

We build a kitesurf community

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We are looking to add different accessories to our brand. From fins, to leaches, water wear!

We design and build ultimate surfboards for strapless kitesurfing.This is what we do in a nutshell.

We design and build surf and kite products for you! By buying our products you become a member, contributor and owner of the company. Best products for best prices... Become a XXP community owner and be part of the surf community future.

XXP "Daddy" is a full Carbon surfboard designed for strapless kitesurfing. Look for the pocket... and surf the wave.

XXP Daddy Characteristics


For the beginner


Double overhead Waves


Upwind Capability




I've tested the XXP "daddy" prototype extensively in Cape Town, South Africa. The "Daddy" surfs amazingly well. In double overhead it felt amazing stable, while in smaller surf it felt like a skateboard with lot's of control

J. Rude -

We want Daddy!

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Latest newsStraight from our blog

maart 1, 2017
XXP 4″10 Capetown run

We have tested the XXP daddy Full carbon extensively in the high waves of Capetown – Kreeftebaai Haakgat. And we are very pleased with the

december 12, 2015
Design XXP Daddy finalized

Based on the prototype we have put in some minor changes. We have put 3mm extra concave in the middle section. The rail near the

december 5, 2015
XXP Daddy Prototype ready

The XXP prototype is delivered by our private XXP pilot and ready to be tested.