The water. Where we dwell and live.

In order to help you having as much fun on the water as posible  we design and build products for a daily surf session :
We design surf and foil concepts based on the traditional meaning of SURF mixed with latest technology insights. Using  AR/VR, simulation, finite elements for construction with respect to functionality and usability.
Our products are build with no compromise to quality and usability. All products are build in the Netherlands in our "Mancave" near Haarlem. We use the best suitable materials. Fully digital shape machines (CNC) combined with highly skilled handcraft construction delivers highest quality.
And most important... We surf, surf and surf more. Spending as much time on the water is the ultimate input for everything we do. Paddling, SUP, foil, kite all is good as long as we SURF. The water is where we dwell, it's where we live.


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